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I would love to have the opportunity to coach you!  I specialize in working with individuals and professionals who have experienced trauma in their lives and are feeling stuck!  Trauma changes our brains, this doesn’t mean we don’t have all we need to succeed, it just means we have to go about it a little differently, regulate the nervous system and kick our inner critic’s ass!  Want to work together? Contact me at

About Me

Hello, I’m Amy!  And I am on a journey learning about different tools to help myself and others navigate the world with a trauma brain.  I have a Coaching Certification, a Bachelor’s in Psychology and a Master of Social Work.  I am a certified Yoga Instructor – that’s the stuff I put on my resume.

But the me I want to share here you won’t find on my resume.  I was impacted by trauma as a child, specifically domestic violence, that trauma has influenced my entire life….not because I couldn’t just get over it but because the trauma I experienced during my developmental years had physically changed my brain!

A fact I did not realize until I read Dr. Daniel Amen’s book, Change Your Brain, Change Your Life and it did in fact change my life.  I didn’t realize that watching my mom get hit over and over again starting at a very young age physically changed how my brain was wiring.  But more importantly for me, I discovered that it was possible to change my brain, to rewire those neural pathways that no longer served and break free from my trauma brain!

My intention here is to share my journey along with the tools that I have found helpful in creating new ways of being, releasing old patterns, reframing my story and learning my value and worth.

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